The FranklyLegal Synergy

Innovative Legal Staffing, Consulting and Workforce Solutions

FranklyLegal started from an idea that all relationships are established by people by choice, grounded through experience, built on trust and only last with mutual attention and respect. We accurately recognize that success in relationship management is not about selfish gains, bottom lines or profits, but about the strength of the relationship — and the people in it.

It’s time to work.  FranklyLegal will provide the support that is needed — be it temporary or permanent, here or there, today or tomorrow.  Whether you need attorneys or staff professionals to support your team, we will find you solutions at work with a single person or one hundred people.

Collaborative Work Product Exchange

Our web-based platform will enable firms and professionals to reach out to each other and actually collaborate to complete legal work and improve the quality and efficiency of legal services. Whether you need legal research or substantive pleadings, discovery, e-filing, trial preparation, complex motion and appellate practices, we will help you champion any project timeline or crisis.

Our professional networking platform provides the legal community with full transparency.  References, recommendations and referrals take on new meanings when looking for the next step in your career or finding the right piece to help complete a work puzzle.

  • Online Legal Network – Portal to facilitate professional networking within the legal community.
  • Online Legal Exchange – Portal to provide web-based work product and job outsourcing tools for the legal industry.

Professional Development & Training

Our attention to you and your career does not end after your application or after our interview — it continues well after placements or assignments.  FranklyLegal will provide solutions at work and offer to help you sharpen your skills.

We will make the best fits for our clients and candidates, we will do so at the best price, and we will provide the best guarantees–we promise.

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